faq-icon.png Telecommunications
  • How do I dial long distance?

    To dial long distance you need a long distance access code. To utilize it you dial 8+1+the long distance phone number, then during the continuous tone, enter your long distance code.
  • How do I get Saint Augustine’s college phone numbers?

    On the Saint Augustine's College website, under the search bar is a link to the faculty/staff directory. If you do not find the person you are looking for dial 516-4000 to speak with an operator. They will provide you with the contact information that you need.
  • How do I setup voice mail?

    Dial "4581" and follow the voice prompts
  • What do I do if my phone is not working?

    Unplug the power supply and the phone cord from the wall, leave it unplugged for 10 seconds and plug it back in. If issues continue, please send a support ticket.
  • I need the password reset on my voicemail, with whom do I speak?

    Fill out a support ticket and a member of the CIT team will reset the password for you.
  • How do I access voice mail?

    Dial "4581" and enter the pass code that you selected during setup. If you forgot yoru pass code, or are having difficulty using voicemail. Click on the link to Submit a Support Ticket, and a technician will assist you.
  • Where I do get a long distance code from?

    Long distance codes are distributed by your department head.