Academic Achievers Program


A variety of student clubs and organizations are provided to enhance the overall development of students at Saint Augustine's University. These activities provide tremendous opportunities for participation and leadership and cater to a wide variety of interests (i.e., academics, honors, religion, politics, professional and service). The appropriate approving authorities following an application process determine official university recognition of these groups. Membership is based upon the respective organization’s national policies and procedures for initiation/induction.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Academic Achievers Program, which is related to the objectives of the program include: providing support services to low-income, first generation students or individuals with disabilities that will enhance their academic skills, increase their retention and graduation rates, increase enrollment rates in graduate and professional schools, and foster an institutional climate that is supportive of student success.

Our Program

Funded under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, the Academic Achievers Program is a Federal TRIO Program which was established here at Saint Augustine's University in 1978. As a Student Support Services program, the goal of the Academic Achievers Program is to increase the university retention and graduation rates of its eligible students from entry into university through graduation. The initial emphasis is on helping the first year and new student make a successful transition from one level of higher education to the next. At the same time opportunities for academic development and assistance with basic university requirements are provided to all eligible students as well.

The Academic Achievers Program offers the following services to its participants: counseling, tutorial assistance, academic advisement, mentoring, cultural enrichment activities, classes, and services. All are provided at no cost, and designed to complement and improve students' academic learning experiences and performances.

The Academic Achievers Program
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