Academic Appeals

Each Student and Faculty Advisor should be familiar with the Academic Policies of Saint Augustine's University. Students and faculty advisors are encouraged to consult regularly with the Saint Augustine's University Catalog and with Department Chairs and School Deans.

The Academic Appeal Process requires that a student first discuss the academic dispute with the faculty member who accused the student, or assigned the grade, or initiated the penalty, or with whom the dispute first surfaced. If the dispute is not resolved in conversation(s) with the faculty member, the student shall next address the matter with the Chair of the department in which the course is taught. If the matter is still in dispute following the investigation and determination by the Department Chair, the student has a right to appeal to the Dean of the School in which the dispute arose. In cases where the recommended penalty is that the student be suspended or expelled, or where the student's degree or certification is revoked, students may appeal in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost.

Specifically in cases involving allegations of academic dishonesty students shall be provided with: (1) adequate notice of any offense with which they are charged; and, (2) an opportunity to be heard by the Dean of the School in which the offense is alleged to have occurred.