Alumnae Donates Her Birthday Money to the University

Mrs. Maureen Brown, a graduate of the Class of 1955, recently celebrated her 80th birthday with family and friends. It was a beautiful celebration and she received many hugs and gifts which included $2,285. How did Brown spend her birthday money? She donated all of the money to Saint Augustine’s University in support of the stadium campaign.

When asked why she decided to donate, Brown said without hesitation and happiness in her voice, “Well, one good deed deserves another."

According to Brown, after she received the money for her birthday, she remembered getting a letter from the university asking for donations to complete the football stadium. While reading the letter, she had a flashback to 1953. In 1953, she was a sophomore at the then Saint Augustine’s College. She was faced with the situation of not having paid her tuition, which was extremely late.

“I remembered Dean Boyd calling me into his office and told me that my check for my tuition had not arrived,” Brown said. “I explained to him my situation and after I did, he looked at him and said, ‘I tell you what do not worry about it now.’ I was so happy,” Brown said with joy in her voice. “He probably looked at me and thought this poor child needs help.”

Brown continued by saying she could not think of a better way to support the university. “I believe it is best to give than to receive." Brown Said. "It was pleasure to give the university the money and I do not regret.”

Brown, a native of Wilson, N.C., is a retired elementary school teacher.