Community Policing: Homeownership Training Program Empowerment Workshop Session

April 9, 2012
As part of the Homeownership Training Institute Program of Saint Augustine's University's HUD/HBCU Grant, Mr. Michael Ballen, Program Coordinator for the City of Raleigh Community Policing Department and several Raleigh Police Officers were presenters on March 20, at an Empowerment Session for the program participants as part of their 48 hours of required training.

Ballen explained that community policing is a "specialized unit" within the Raleigh Police Department, focusing on developing community partners and stakeholders through an increase in face-to-face contact with citizens in the neighborhood.

Ballen said the philosophy is "people are the police, the police are the people". A question and answer session followed facilitated by the Southeast District Supervisor, Sgt. Woodard.

Individuals interested in becoming a first time homeowner should call 919-516-4754 for information.

Pictured: Ballen seen here presenting to members of the spring 2012 homeownership training program.