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Appointment Policies

As with any important endeavor, please try to attend your sessions regularly and on time. It is extremely helpful if you call the office if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, thus enabling this hour to be be available to other students. We make the assumption that a student who fails to keep two consecutive appointments with notifying our office is no longer interested in receiving services at this time.

Communicating in Urgent Situations

Should you experience a crisis or clinical emergency and need to speak to you counselor immediately, you can contact our office at 919-516-4255.

If you contact our office after hours, you will be given the phone number for the psychiatrist on call at Wake County Crisis and Emergency Services at 919-250-3123 or Holly Hill Charter Hospital 24-hour Response line at 919-250-7000.

Referral to Outside Services

If the services you require are specialized beyond the limits that CAPS can provide, you will be referred to a local professional or facility. We will take into account you resources, health insurance and your personal needs and preferences.