Declaring A Minor

Each Student and Faculty Advisor should be familiar with the Academic Policies of Saint Augustine's University. Students and faculty advisors are encouraged to consult regularly with the Saint Augustine's University Catalog and with Department Chairs and Division Deans.

Students may declare a minor (in departments in which there are published requirements for a minor) in departments other than the one in which their major is located. A student who wishes to minor in a particular discipline must successfully complete eighteen (18) credit hours of required courses in the minor. Students who successfully complete the requirements for a minor shall have the minor indicated on their transcript. No course at Saint Augustine's University may be used to satisfy two or more requirements. Thus, the 18 credit hours must be in elective courses that the student is not using to meet General Education, Divisional, Departmental, or major requirements. In order to successfully complete a minor, students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses required in the minor. Students who have earned a grade of "D" in a course required in the minor but who have otherwise completed all other requirements for graduation may graduate, but will not have the minor recorded on their transcript. Students are advised to confer with the Department Chairs in which the minor is offered prior to declaring a minor.