Delany Hall- New Home of the Honors College

Jan. 24, 2012

alt Delany Hall, located on the campus of Saint Augustine's University is a physical reminder of the legacy of the Delany family and their many accomplishments on and off this campus. St. Aug has initiated the process of creating a new legacy for the historical landmark. Delany Hall will be the home of the newly instituted Honors University.

Renovations on the hall started in January and this 16 week construction project will include new elevators and amenities for state of the art classrooms. All honors classes and seminars will take place in Delany Hall.

"This is a big deal. It will provide the students space, a home if you will," stated Dr. Sevealyn Smith, Director of the Honors University. " It will be a place where they can come together, have discussions and build a community."