Department of Mathematics and Engineering


The Department of Biological and Physical Sciences is structured to facilitate learning through the analysis and synthesis of biological data. In addition, it is committed to the intellectual, cultural and personal development of its students. The curriculum is designed to implement the mission through its offering of training in the life sciences for students planning careers in teaching, medicine, dentistry, allied health, industry, government, and research. It is also the intent of the department to provide awareness of our environment and the critical issues which have an effect on the health of mankind.

Major Objectives

To train students in the use of the methods of science in solving problems;

To develop skills in the use of laboratory equipment and in the reading of biological literature;

To provide students with a knowledge of fundamental biological concepts in order to prepare them for graduate studies in the life sciences; and

To provide students with a basic knowledge of biology in order to enable them to study medicine, allied health, or to serve as mentors of learning of the life sciences.

To provide students with comprehensive course work in chemistry and industrial hygiene leading to the Baccalaureate degree;

To provide students with a strong foundation in chemistry in preparation for graduate study;

To provide students with a theoretical as well as a practical learning experience;

To provide students with actual working experiences through participation in professional internship programs, community outreach programs, and field trips; and

To provide students with course work necessary for them to pursue careers in industry, medicine, pharmacy and environmental sciences.