Director's Corner

Spring is here- Internship Time is almost gone!

You had a great break. You did not have to THINK about classes, papers, café food, etcetera for over 3 weeks! Now you are scrambling to get the classes you need and make sure you are on track to graduate “on time”.

What you do not want to do is set yourself up to ‘scramble’ to find a job for the summer. Students who complete summer internships have a much greater, full-time hire rate then students who did not. Over 40% of students who intern with a company get hired as full-time hires upon graduation (2011 Internship and Co-Op Survey).

Tips to BE ready:

  • DEADLINES are fast approaching. Recruiters for the best summer internships look to wrap up application process by mid-February so offers can be made by early April.
  • YOU HAVE TO APPLY!! Worry about the housing, transportation, food after you apply. If you do not apply, you will never get the CHANCE to figure that part out.
  • GET PAID. Professional internship positions pay on average a range of $12.00/hour to $17.03/hour. The best summer internships and research programs PAY. Summer research programs typically pay a flat-stipend. The later you start looking, the less paid positions you’ll find.
  • START interning in the SPRING. What better way to show an employer you are serious than by interning in a non-paid position or limited-hour paid position during the spring semester. Then when summer comes, you have a big advantage and have shown your work ethic.
  • Approved Resumes and Writing Samples. The number one reason students get too stressed out to apply, is once they hear about the program, they have to start from scratch. Have your resume approved by the end of January and complete a one-page statement of interest (personal statement).
  • Film, Theatre, Visual Arts and Communications Majors- GET YOUR REELS, play bills, scripts, designs, etc. back from your professors and make the edits they recommended. Then upload those to the College Central Network Electronic Portfolio so you’ll have all your work in ONE place!
  • GO SHOPPING- Take your refund check and go to a discount retailer (K & G Fashions, Marshall’s, Bargain Box, or come to the free Goold Hall Clothes Closet) and buy yourself a navy blue pants suit. At least buy a pair of navy blue dress pants, light colored, long sleeved, collared shirt (and tie for guys/dark long scarf for ladies) and polished dress shoes. The interview may happen very quickly once you get the call!

You cannot be getting ready when the application opens; you have to BE READY.