Business & Technology

Division of Business


The mission of the Division of Business and Computer Science is to prepare students to compete in the global world of work through effective instruction, technology application, relevant curricula, and professional development. The Division consists of the Department of Business and the Department of Computer Science.

Major Objectives

  • Prepare students for careers in the general field of business, accounting and finance, computer science, marketing, and human resource management;
  • Encourage students to become effective business leaders, as well as entrepreneurs, within industry, education, government, and community organizations;
  • Provide a foundation for graduate and professional studies;
  • Promote professional development through library resources, computer technology, and experiential learning;
  • Promote the development of students' ethical and moral perspectives.

Academic Advisement

Although each student is responsible for adhering to his/her plan of study, an academic advisor will provide each student with academic guidance. The following general rules apply:

  • Each student will be assigned to an advisor in his/her major;
  • Each student will be provided with an appropriate plan of study;
  • Each student will be expected to meet with his/her advisor at least once each semester for the purposes of preregistration and determination of his or her academic progress and standing;
  • Each student will be responsible for satisfying applicable prerequisites for courses;
  • Each student will be responsible for monitoring compliance with his/her plan of study and meeting all academic requirements; and
  • Each student must complete successfully 90 semester credit hours before applying for graduation.

Professional Activities and Affiliations

The Division of Business and Computer Science participates in the Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP). Sponsored and supported by the National Urban League, Inc., BEEP is a voluntary effort on the part of major companies and government agencies that loan key black executives and professionals to participating colleges and universities; each executive/professional usually is scheduled for a two-day assignment.

The principal goals of BEEP are to serve as a positive role model and to enlighten students and faculty about job opportunities and business developments and trends. In addition, the Division of Business and Computer Science actively is involved in the Triangle North Carolina Association of Urban Bankers (NCAUB).

Meetings are held on the campuses of Saint Augustine's University, North Carolina Central University, and Shaw University; the meetings are attended by area bankers, students, and faculty, and feature a guest speaker who is a local businessperson. The purpose of such activities is to help students, faculty, bankers, and businesspersons gain a better understanding of their respective activities and roles.

Finally, the Division of Business and Computer Science encourages and facilitates student awareness of and participation in numerous seminars, workshops, and internships, and keeps the students apprised of grant and scholarship opportunities. All seminars, workshops, BEEP, NCAUB, internship, grant, and scholarship activities and opportunities are coordinated by the Division's Executive in Residence.

Student Organizations

The Division of Business and Computer Science sponsors the following student organizations for the purpose of enhancing students' learning and professional development experiences while enrolled at the University:

  • The Computer Club
  • Delta Mu Delta Honor Society
  • Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)
  • Real Estate Club
  • The National Association of Black Accountants
  • Students in Free Enterprise


The Division of Business and Computer Science is located in the Cheshire Building. The Cheshire Building is a well maintained facility consisting of classrooms, state of the art computer labs, offices, a conference room, a student library/study room, and a student meeting/work room.
Cisco Certification Program

The Division of Business and Computer Science offers a Cisco Certification Program. The program consists of four sequential modules, and each module requires approximately eight weeks to complete. Participants typically are full time employees of companies located in the area; under the tutelage of approved Department of Computer Science faculty, they work through self paced learning modules and work with PCs and Cisco routers and switches that are located in the division's computer labs. The program is designed to prepare participants to pass the Cisco Certified Networking Associate examination (CCNA).

The form modules of the CISCO Certification program have been incorporated into the Computer Science curriculum and are required courses for Computer Information Systems and Computer Science majors. This will enhance the job marketability of our graduates.

Division of Business Staff

Dr. F. Perna Carter, Dean
School of Business & Technology
Cheshire Building, Room 107
Phone: 919-516-4420
Fax: 919-828-2968