Fundraising, Vending, and Sales

The Dining Hall can be used to conduct fundraisers or publicity campaigns for student organization or other approved Saint Augustine’s University groups. To reserve a table in the dining hall, you must fill out a Dining Hall Vending Permit in the Office of Student Activities and Engagement.

Fundraiser Approval Forms must be completed and approved before a student organization begins a fundraising activity. These forms help prevent multiple organizations from conducting fundraisers at the same time or with the same items and prevent organizations from contracting with less than ethical vendors. Copies of the form may be picked up in the Office of Student Activities and Engagement. Saint Augustine’s University does not permit the sale of items advertising or advocating the use of drugs, including alcohol or tobacco. Saint Augustine’s University reserves the right to deny permission to any group selling or distributing materials which are not in accord with the philosophy of the University. All student organizations planning to sell an item must fill out a Fundraiser Approval Form, even if the group is not using the sales for fundraising purposes.