Message from the Vice President for Student Development

Dear Falcon Community,

This University Handbook provides guidelines for navigating campus life at SAU. More specifically, the information in the handbook is designed to enable you to positively meet your responsibilities as contributing members of the Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) community. As active community members, you are expected to be familiar with all university policies. It is my hope that this digital format will offer you quick and easy access for reference.

The policies and procedures concerned with campus life and academic affairs are generally a result of the input and contributions of students, faculty and staff. Basic to the formulation of these policies and procedures is the belief that each member of the SAU community has a responsibility for the governance of his/her own affairs, and that those affairs must be managed in such a way as to safeguard and respect the rights of other community members. Ultimately, these policies are built on an assumption of personal accountability.

I am proud to say that as a member of the SAU community you will find that there are many opportunities for your personal growth and intellectual development. As many of these opportunities will lead to meeting new people and sharing new experiences, you will ultimately be confronted with tough choices. Your ability to utilize these policies to make positive decisions will be a sign of your success here at the university, as it will demonstrate your maturity and commitment to successful community membership. That said, I am looking forward to the opportunity of meeting you and helping you build the kind of experiences that will serve you well in future years. On behalf of the Division of Student Development and Services, best wishes for a successful and rewarding time here at SAU!

If you have questions regarding the policies in the handbook feel free to contact me or the Dean of Student Services in Hunter 204. Go Falcons!


Dr. Roland Bullard
Vice President for Student Development