School of Science, Mathematics & Public Health

School of Science, Mathematics & Public Health

The School of Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering offers programs of study designed to provide fundamental training in the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematics for students planning careers in industry, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, allied health, industrial hygiene and safety, government, computer science, environmental sciences, engineering and research.


The mission for the School of Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering is to prepare all science, engineering, and mathematics majors to become knowledgeable agents of change as well as capable, creative and responsible citizens of independence and integrity. Furthermore, the Division seeks to provide an atmosphere in which each science, engineering, and mathematics major can develop his/her intellectual capacity to a maximum by sharing in learning experiences, which result in the acquisition of scientific knowledge, techniques and skills.

In addition, the mission is to expand the resources and improve existing facilities in order to better prepare science, engineering, and mathematics majors for gaining admission to professional and graduate schools as well as careers in the health professions, engineering, computer science, industrial hygiene and research.


  • To foster a general knowledge of the world and an understanding of broad concepts in the natural sciences;
  • To present the basic, underlying concepts of science as it influences daily living;
  • To prepare students for careers in science, mathematics and engineering;
  • To develop a command of appropriate communication skills appropriate for functioning effectively in mathematics and the sciences;
  • To promote students' professional development through advances technology, library resources and from use of publications related to their discipline;
  • To promote the development of students ethical and moral perspective;
  • To prepare our students to serve as mentors;
  • To prepare our students with a basic understanding of research and its utility in the world of work; and
  • To offer our students diverse education utilizing the environment, community and team building.


  • NSF, Dr. Mark A. Melton, PI; Dr. Doreen Cunningham, Co-PI: "Targeted Infusion - Academic Enhancement of Biology Degree Program at Saint Augustine's College"
  • VA-NC LSAMP, Dr. Mark A. Melton, PI
  • DOE SAFRA Title III, Dr. Mark A. Melton, Activity Director and Research Coordinator