President Suber Establishes the University Fellows Program

President Dianne Boardley Suber has established the University Fellows Program to make Saint Augustine’s University a stronger institution by providing opportunities for selected staff to take part in a structured program of professional development. The program includes skill and leadership development and the opportunity to gain broader knowledge of the University.

“Saint Augustine University’s has a wealth of talent within its staff ranks; however, few staff members have the luxury of availing themselves of national professional development experiences because of distance and cost,” President Suber said. “To assist university staff in their professional development, the Staff Fellows Program allows selected staff the opportunity to explore higher education administration during regular work hours.”

Dr. Eric Poole, assistant professor of Music, department chair for Visual and Performing Arts and director of Choral Activities

Ms. Erica Ray, assistant registrar

Ms. Rachel Bullard, head women’s basketball coach

Dr. Shirlkeymu Winston, assistant professor, Department of History

Mr. Christopher Massenberg, assistant professor, Department of English, Philosophy, Religion and International Studies

Ms. Valerie Evans, director of Honors College

Mr. Andre Richardson, dean of Student Services

Mr. Leroy Butler, assistant director of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Mr. Jason Perry, assistant professor, Sport Management

Ms. Kasimattie Cox, post award specialist

Ms. Natalie Bullock Brown, chair and assistant professor, Department of Film and Interactive Media

Ms. Shanae Barco, director, Testing Center

Mr. James Lyons, assistant professor, Department of Criminal Justice

Ms. Laurie Limbrick Thompson, assistant professor, Liberal Arts and Education

Ms. Sarah Straud, assistant professor, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Fellows will work and study together to learn leadership theory and practical applications. There is also the possibility that community partners will be invited to participate. The commitment for fellows will be approximately four hours per month during the academic year. A portion of the time will be spent exploring various aspects of the larger administrative structure at SAU and addressing internal processes which may require a team approach to reach higher efficiency. There is no stipend for this experience, and the applicant’s supervisor will be asked to make a recommendation for participation and to allow release time to participate. This program is primarily for professional development.

Application to this program is open to staff members who have been at SAU for at least two academic semesters and who have the support of their supervisor. Both exempt and non-exempt professional staff, full-time faculty and university support staff are eligible and encouraged to apply.

The ideal appointee/applicant for the program will possess:

- A history of exceptional work at the University as documented by a supervisor’s letter of endorsement addressing the candidate’s potential for leadership;

- The ability to work collaboratively with a cohort of other fellows in a seminar style of learning;

- Innovative ideas that impact SAU’s future;

- Enthusiasm for the larger mission of SAU and desire to engage in that mission; and

- The ability to commit to a two-hour time block, twice per month.

For more information, call the Office of the President at 516.4201.