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New Campus Police Officers

July 9, 2012

Saint Augustine's University recently welcomed three new campus police officers. The officers were hired in June of this year. The new officers are: Jared S. Ollison, Dustin Q. Pennington and Ralph L. Viuex.

Officer Jared Ollison is a native of North Carolina. He served honorably in the United States Air Force and has thirteen years of law enforcement experience. Ollison comes to us from GS4 Company Police, Morrisville, NC. He began his career with the Wake County Sheriffs' Office in 1999.

Officer Dustin Pennington is a native of North Carolina. He comes to St. Aug from Randolph County Community University. Pennington is a recent graduate of its Basic Law Enforcement Training program.

Officer Ralph Vieux is a native of Haiti. Vieux joins the Saint Augustine's University Police Department from Newton Grove Police Department, where he gained more than twelve years of law enforcement experience. He holds certifications in General Instruction and Firearms Training as well as being trained in Investigations.

Officer Kevin Merritt is a native of North Carolina and earned his state police officer certification through Johnston County Community University. Merritt previously worked for Crabtree Valley Mall Special Police Department.

Pictured, left to right: Cpl. Eric L. Townes, Ralph L. Viuex, Dustin Q. Oennington, Jared S. Ollison and Chief George H. Boykin.

Office of Student Activities & Engagement Hold Inaugural Fourth of July Cookout

July 9, 2012

The Office of Student Activities & Engagement hosted a celebration to commemorate the significance of the fourth of July, Tuesday, July 2, on the mall of the MLK Conference Center. "We wanted to do something special not only for our students, but faculty and staff who have served in the military," stated Tonya Gooch, interim director of Student Activities & Engagement.

"This event is so important because the Declaration of Independence is more than just a piece of paper. It is a symbol of our country's independence and commitment and we wanted to convey that message to our students," said Gooch.

The Office of Student Activities & Engagement plans to make this an annual event.

Pictured: Summer Program attendees smile for a picture during the cookout.

The Significance of title IX at St. Aug

Saint Augustine's University | Press Releases | Page 6 June 25, 2012

June 20, 2012 marked 40 years the Title IX educational amendment was signed into law. Title IX is an amendment to the Higher Education Law of 1965 which forbids sexual discrimination in any educational arena, whether athletically, academically, socially or professionally. It requires that all individuals be treated equally.

Not only did Title IX change the tone of the educational environment, it also spawned substantial changes for women’s athletics. “The passing of Title IX in 1972 has done a great deal for women throughout all facets of education,” stated Kristene Kelly, Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator at Saint Augustine's University. Kelly went on to say, “I know most often, people associate Title IX with athletics and in fact, that is an area which has seen significant growth for women. However, the intent of the law was to give women more opportunities in education.”

Title IX had a monumental impact on the athletic scene at St. Aug. “Athletically, Saint Augustine's University has experienced huge growth in opportunities for women in leadership and coaching positions as well as opportunities to participate in different sports,” stated Kelly. “ Our president, Dr. Dianne Boardley Suber has made it a point to enhance the scholarship dollars for our women’s sports as well as increase the number of women we have employed in athletics. When I was hired three-and-a-half years ago, we had just three full-time females in athletics. Now, we have nine full-time female employees. Think about it, forty years ago, there would not have been a woman with the decision-making authority to help other women. Title IX helped make that happen.”

Pictured: The women's basketball team during the 2012 CIAA basketball tournament with the first female president of the University, Dr. Dianne Boardley Suber.

Four Saint Augustine's College Students Selected as Gateways Fellows

Saint Augustine's University | Press Releases | Page 6 June 25, 2012

Four Saint Augustine's University students were recently selected as Gateways Fellows in the Gateways to Science Careers program (G2SC) at Stanford University. The students are: Justin Williams-Woodstock, G.a., Raymond K. Smith III-Chicago, Ill., Candice Brown- Charlotte, N.C. and Mallory D. Felder, Jr.- Charlotte, N.C. The students were selected from an application and interview process.

The Gateways to Science Careers program was created to increase access into science careers for minority students. Additionally, the G2SC seeks to provide innovative research experiences for the students.

“There is undoubtedly a disproportionate amount of minorities seeking employment in the science field,” stated Dr. Dianne Boardley Suber, president of Saint Augustine's University. “On behalf of Saint Augustine's University, we salute Stanford for hosting such a program and applaud the students’ diligence as they work to bridge the gap in the scientific field.”

To view the students’ eprofiles, click here.

Pictured: Justin Williams, one of the four students selected is a sophomore, Engineering Mathematics from Woodstock, G.A.

Provost's Office Uses 3 T's to Improve Academic Experience

June 18, 2012
During the 2012 Leadership Retreat, Dr. Connie Allen, Provost of the University, rolled out the action plan for the Transformative Education Program (TEP). The TEP will take effect in the fall of 2012. The TEP will operate on a 3T model. By the time of graduation, students should have skills that are transparent, transferrable and transportable.

According to Allen, TEP is an overhaul of the general education core, “we want to shift our focus to skills and competencies rather than specific courses,” stated Allen. The goal of the program is to produce graduates that are competent in communication, wellness, critical thinking, global perspective, identity, servant leadership, teamwork, civic engagement, stem and quantitative literacy, innovation, creativity, artistic literacy and capstone courses or experience.

“We are committed to graduating well rounded, marketable students,” stated Allen. She went on to say, “we want to make sure what we’re doing as an institution is relevant and will ensure student success. We want to make sure things are done better as we move into university status.”

Passing the Baton was the theme of the 2012 Leadership Retreat in Hilton Head, SC, June 10-13. The retreat was packed with presentations from various offices on campus that discussed the direction the University was headed and included team building activities. Dr. Suber stressed the importance of working together towards a common goal and encouraged retreat attendees to stop out of their comfort zones to achieve different results.

For more information on the TEP, contact the Provost Office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Pictured: The leaders of Saint Augustine's University during the 2012 Leadership Retreat.

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