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Financial Literacy/Financial Wellness Marketing Competition Showcased Creativity of St. Aug Students

The School of Business and Technology held a Financial Literacy/Financial Wellness Marketing Campaign Contest sponsored by State Farm Insurance. Students, as an individual or team, had an opportunity to compete for prize money. Each person/team was given 10 to 12 minutes to make a marketing pitch for their insurance company. After each presentation, the participants answered questions from the judges and audience members.

The winner, Xavier Montgomery-Lee, a senior from Bronx, New York majoring in business administration, stated that he worked a lot of late nights to prepare for the contest.

“All my hard work and dedication has finally come to light for the world to see,” Montgomery-Lee said.

First place winner, Montgomery-Lee, won $1,000. The award for second place was $600. The winners were Leroy Cofield, Brianca Jeffery and Shaia Scott. Each received $200. The third player winner was Alex Byron Munro and he received $400.

“The Financial Literacy/Financial Wellness Marketing competition was absolutely fantastic,” Carter said. “The students who participated in the competition did a top notch job and they should all be commended for a job well done! I am so very proud of them individually and collectively. Overall, I would say the evening provided an excellent time for the students involved in the competition to showcase their research and hone their presentation skills.”

The competition was sponsored by State Farm Insurance and two representatives from State Farm were a part of a three judge panel

“The judges were thorough in their assessment, their questions and their deliberations to pick the winners,” Carter said. “I truly hope that the School of Business and Technology will be able to build on to what we were able to accomplish with State Farm’s support this year.”

The judges were State Farm Agent Lisa Davis, State Farm Agency Field Executive Jackie D. Newkirk and the department chair for Sport Management Jason Perry.

Career Development Week Provided Students with Valuable Opportunities

During Career Development Week, Saint Augustine’s University students had an opportunity to speak with various graduate schools and businesses to learn more about the many opportunities available to them. Some of the participating graduate schools were North Carolina Central University, Strayer University, Pfeiffer University, North Carolina A&T State University and Meredith College. Businesses in attendance included Kroger Company, Liberty Mutual, Cisco Systems, Fort Worth Police Department, US States Attorney’s Office and Wake County Public Schools System.

Executive Director of the Belk Center and Professional Nichole Lewis expressed how committed the organizations were in supporting this year’s Career Development Week.

“Last week, we hosted more than 25 different organizations,” Lewis said. “What was amazing was that there were organizations that made the commitment to come to two or three of the four days to recruit our students. It was great seeing students interacting with future employers and graduate school recruiters. The event truly is about ‘planning for your next’ and what the Belk Professional Development Center aims to do in terms of getting our students ready.”

According to Lewis, the kick-off panel, by far, was a main highlight. “Belindia Scott, a 1994 graduate of Saint Augustine’s University and an employee with Cisco systems, summed up the intention of Career Development Week. Belindia ended the session with the concept of the 3 E’s … you must get your education then get the exposure and then the experience will come.”

Political Awareness Forum Provided a Platform for Questions and Answers

Nearly 100 individuals attended the SAU Student Government Association’s (SGA) Political Awareness Forum held in the MLK Ballroom. Moderated by Octavia Rainey, host of Straight Talk, and Ashley Nelson, president of SGA, the forum provided a platform for SAU students, faculty, staff and the community an opportunity to hear first-hand from candidates on various issues from the voter ID laws to the rising cost of tuition. Other concerns raised by a group of panelists, which consisted of SAU students and a SAU professor, included the SAU‘s athletic stadium, the restoration of the St. Agnes Hospital and the revitalization of businesses near the campus. The panelists included Dr. Zaphon R. Wilson, dean of the School of Social Sciences; Kamayha Jabari, vice president of SGA; Robert Gray, SGA’s chair of Community Outreach; and Colliet Bramwell, SGA’s executive secretary.

Members in the audience sat attentively and were extremely engaged. One attendee stated “the forum was very much needed.”

The candidates that participated in the forum included mayoral candidates Venita Peyton and Robert Lewis Weltzin. The city council candidates included Brian Fitzsimmons, Raleigh City Council District B; Russell Stephenson, Raleigh City Council District A; Eugene Weeks, Raleigh City Council District C; Racquel Williams, Raleigh City Council District C; Jim Kemp Sherron IV, Raleigh City Council District D; and John H. Odom, Raleigh City Council District B.

SAU Women's Basketball Volunteers with BackPack Buddies

The Saint Augustine's University women's basketball team kicked off their community giving by working with the Inter Faith Food Shuttle's BackPack Buddies Program. Several athletes helped sort and pack food for children who may not have food or meals to eat over the weekends.

“It is important for our young ladies to lend a helping hand in the community,” said fourth-year head coach Rachel Bullard. “It is something we enjoy doing and it helps us to understand how fortunate we really are.”

The BackPack Buddies Program provides children from food-insecure homes with weekend meals during the school year. Local corporations, civic groups, and individuals help collect and pack bags with kid-friendly, non-perishable food. The children receive a backpack containing six balanced meals and two healthy snacks at the end of every week. The children are selected by school principals, guidance counselors and various after school programs.

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (IFFS) pioneers innovative, transformative solutions designed to end hunger in the community. Since 1989, FFS has served children, adults, families, and the elderly through proactive programs; moving beyond emergency food provision to sustainable, local solutions to food hardships. From farm to fork, IFFS teaches, grows, prepares, cooks and delivers healthy, nutritious food to people experiencing food hardship. Their programs currently serve Wake, Durham, Edgecombe, Chatham, Orange, Nash, and Johnston counties. For more information on the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, visit their website at

SAU’s Fall Convocation Opens the Academic Year on a High Note of Change

Saint Augustine’s University officially opened the 2013-2014 academic with its annual fall convocation ceremony with keynote presenter, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, president of the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP.

Throughout his speech, Rev. Barber provided the audience with an emotional walk through history of events that have shaped our country. He carefully painted a picture that challenged everyone in the Emery Gymnasium to do more — now.

“Here we are today, 237 years ago, the Declaration of Independence was signed; 148 years ago the Civil War ended; in 1867, the doors of Saint Augustine’s University opened; in 1953, the 16th Street Baptist Church was bombed killing four little black girls; and 53 years ago we had the sit-ins in Greensboro,” Rev. Barber said. “Here we are today, what will you do now in the times in which we live. It’s your time to do something, now!”

Before taking his seat, Rev. Barber challenged the Saint Augustine’s University student body to be the best students that they could be, put Saint Augustine’s University on the forefront of social justice, build a great NAACP chapter, engage themselves with the issues of today and to register everybody on SAU campus to vote.

“Live with some character not with craziness,” said Rev. Barber, whose father is a graduate of Saint Augustine’s University. “You only get one shot, so do your best. As young as you are, as gifted as you are, as smart as you are, it’s time for you to stand up.” Jayelyn Richardson, a freshman from Los Angeles, Calif., said he felt uplifted after hearing Rev. Barber’s message.

“His message was very inspirational,” Richardson said. “He made me want to work harder.”

Brittany Dunigan, a native of Chicago, Ill. and a senior majoring in biology, echoed Richardson’s comments.

“He [Rev. Barber] was very motivating and inspirational,” Dunigan said. “I know that I have to make sure I stay on my path in pursuing a career in the medical field.”

President Dianne Boardley Suber closed out the ceremony by giving words of wisdom to the entire student body.

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