Public Safety - Authority


The Traffic Rules and Regulations are the result of deliberations by the Traffic Committee an the Campus Police Department. Several regulations are pursuant to the North Carolina Motor Vehicle Laws and N.C. General Statues. The Traffic Rules and Regulations are effective at the beginning of each school year and are subject to change without notice. These provisions apply to the operators of all vehicles, whether public or private, and are in force twenty-four (24) hours a day, unless otherwise specified. The aforementioned authority authorizes that:

  • Regulate the parking of vehicles;
  • Provide for impounding of vehicles in violation of the Traffic Rules and Regulations;
  • Regulate the towing and immobilizing (booting) of vehicles on and from campus; and Provide for the issuance of campus and N.C. Uniform Citations by an officer for a Violation of Traffic Rules and Regulations and state Motor Vehicle Laws.

Scope & Applicability

The rules, regulations and procedures of this guide apply to all property owned or leased by SAU. All SAU employees, students, and visitors to the campus are subject to the provisions of this guide. Administrative or legal action, as appropriate, will be taken in cases of violations occurring on owned or leased SAU property.