Public Safety - Definitions


SAU Campus: Taylor Hall (Health & Wellness Center), Benson Building (Technology Center), University Chapel, Boyer Building (Administrative/Classroom), Hermitage Hall (RH), Hunter Building (Administrative), Mosee Building (Administrative), Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union (Dining Facility, Post Office, Book Store, Snack Bar & Recreational Areas), Seby Jones Fines Arts Center (Auditorium, Band, Choir, WRMY Radio, WAUG Radio/TV, Classrooms), Lynch Hall (RH), Atkinson Hall (RH), Boyer Hall (RH), Track & Field, Baseball Filed, Emery Gymnasium, Physical Education Staff Offices-(Trailers), Weight Training Room, Physical Education Classroom #1, Gordon Health Center, Delany Hall (RH) Quadrangle, Baker Hall (RH), Latham Hall (RH), Weston Hall (RH), Cheshire Building (Computer Center/Classroom), Robinson Library, Tuttle Hall (ROTC), Goold Hall (Campus Police/Physical Plant)---subject to change, Saint Agnes Hospital Building (presently under renovation), Garage.**(RH)-Residence Halls

  • Visitor: Any person visiting the University who is not a student or employee. This includes members of the general public, employees of other agencies, vendors, and contractors.
  • Driver: Person operating a registered or unregistered vehicle on SAU property.
  • Parking Space: A specific boundary of uniform, painted lines with varying dimensions indicating the boundaries within which a vehicle should be parked for orderly and efficient utilization of spaces and protection of adjacent parked cars. Additionally an area marked by signs posting (PARKING) where painted signs indicating boundaries are not present.
  • Vehicle Registration Form: The basic data form used to request a parking permit (decal) and to register a vehicle with the Campus Police Department. The form contains identifying information about the driver and the vehicle being registered. Reserved Parking is set forth in the SAU Parking Rules and Regulations Manual and the permit may be obtained from the Lynch Hall, First Suite.
  • Permit: SAU Parking Decal, the display of which constitutes permission to park on the SAU Campus until expiration date of the permit.
  • Temporary Permit: A parking permit issued to a person that have purchased a SAU Parking Permit and are temporarily using a non-registered vehicle.
  • Visitors Permit: A parking permit issued to visitors for temporary parking for a limited time and specified date only.