Saint Augustine’s University Holds First Faculty Institute

August 13, 2012

Saint Augustine’s University kicked off their first Faculty and Education Support Professional Development Institute as a university, Monday, August 6 in the MLK Conference Center. This year’s institute was themed, “Transforming Our Institution: The New Saint Augustine’s University.” During the institute, President of the University, Dr. Dianne Boardley Suber brought forth her “State of the University” address.

“This institution started out as a high school for freed slaves, then a normal school and now, one step closer to offering graduate level courses that will expand the educational opportunities we can offer our students...thinking outside of the box needs to be more than something we just say,” stated Suber.

Suber went on to say, “The bar has been raised and so have our expectations.” Suber encouraged faculty and staff to meet and exceed the expectations of their jobs.”

The institute is through Tuesday, August 14, and will feature University updates and various presentations from Human Resources, Office of Marketing and Communications, athletics and much more.

Pictured: Dr. Suber seen here delivering remarks.