Saint Augustine’s University Students March to Cast their Vote

March to the Polls

The sun was not shining and the weather was breezy and brisk but that did not keep more than 300 Saint Augustine’s University students from marching to the polls to cast their vote in the local election. The Student Government Association in collaboration with Common Cause spearheaded a march to the local polling site located at the Tarboro Road Community Center, 121 N. Tarboro Street, Raleigh. Before the march commenced, administrators, students, faculty and staff assembled outside Boyer Building to hear from President Dianne Boardley Suber.

“I am so proud to see all of you here today to voice your vote,” Suber said. “Today, you have the right to vote because of courageous individuals who fought and died to ensure that your voices are heard.”

Ashley Nelson, president of the Student Government Association, expressed why it was important for the student body to vote.

“Often times people only vote for presidential elections but voting today is just as important,” Nelson said. “We are voting on issues that directly affect us as young college students. We must always remember that our vote counts.”