Saint Augustine’s University Students Showcase their Research at the University of Arkansas

SAU Students

Four Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) students participated in the 10-week summer George Washington Carver Research Program in cell and molecular biology at the University of Arkansas to showcase their research projects. The program was sponsored by a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation. The poster session for the cell and molecular biology portion of the Carver Research Program gave the students a chance to meet with faculty and students presented and discussed their research projects. SAU students, who are all biology majors and rising juniors, were as follows: • Adaeze Egolum – “Genetic Analysis of Chromosomal Regions Affecting Sperm Mobility in Broilers.” • Lauretta Ihenatu - “Evaluation of screening methods for salt tolerance in soybeans.” • Michael Thomas - “Integrase genes in antibiotic resistant E. coli isolated from treated effluent and a receiving stream.” • Derrick Williams – “The Role of Leucine supplementation on skeletal muscle metabolism during high-fat feeding.” The George Washington Carver Research Program began in 1997 to recruit superior graduates of colleges and universities serving primarily underrepresented students. The Carver Research Program includes agreements between the University of Arkansas and 37 institutions across the south-central and southeast United States.