St. Aug Students-Agents for Change!

April 30, 2012
Several Saint Augustine's University students participated in a student lobby day organized by Common Cause North Carolina, Monday, April 23 in downtown Raleigh. Common Cause is a non-profit, non-partisan citizens' lobby organization located in the heart of Raleigh.

The event, dubbed "Student Lobby Day," gave students the opportunity to voice their concerns on voter suppression laws to various law makers, including representatives and senators from across the state of North Carolina.

Students from Shaw University and North Carolina State University joined the Saint Augustine's University students. Their protest highlighted four major points that disenfranchise voters:

1) Imposing state voter ID

2) Eliminating same day voter registration

3) Cutting early voting days nearly in half in comparison to previous elections

4) Freezing of the "Help America Voting Act" (HAVA), funds (federal money used to train poll workers

and update voting machines).

The Saint Augustine's University students who attended "Student Lobby Day" were:

Noah Nunn- Sophomore

Tiana Young-Morris- Junior

Anthony Ross-Junior

Zechariah Jackson- Freshman

Jamonica Facyson- Freshman

Click here to watch the students in NBC 17's coverage of the day.

This event was sponsored and supported by: NC Common Cause, St. Aug Student Government Association

(SGA) and the Political Science department.