WAUG-Power 750 AM will broadcast NewsOne Now with Roland Martin

WAUG-Power 750 AM will broadcast NewsOne Now hosted by award-winning journalist Roland Martin. It will air from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Martin is chief political editor for TV One Cable Network and host and managing editor of “Washington Watch with Roland Martin,” a one-hour Sunday morning news show. He is also a CNN Analyst appearing on a variety of the network's shows.

NewsOne Now will provide listeners with a morning news program that for the first time in history, will offer news and analysis of politics, entertainment, sports and culture from an African-American perspective. The morning show, based in Washington, D.C., will feature a broad spectrum of experts, newsmakers and celebrities who will share their insights on current affairs with Martin. Additionally, the program will implement a “Skype Net” component giving various Radio One hosts a platform to provide daily weigh-ins on News One Now content, as well as inform the audience on hot topics in their respective regions.

“African Americans are some of the most highly engaged cable news consumers, and it’s vital that we meet that thirst with a daily morning show that speaks to our issues, our concerns, from our perspective,” Martin said. “NewsOne Now will launch as the pre-eminent destination for the pulse of Black America.”