Withdrawing From The College

A student is not officially withdrawn until an application has been signed by the student's professors, by the appropriate university administrators and returned to the Registrar's Office. University property (such as dorm keys and ID cards) must be returned to the Office of Student Affairs at the time of withdrawal. Upon completion of the withdrawal procedures, the student's transcript is annotated with a grade of "W" for all courses in which a student is enrolled at the time of withdrawal. A student who stops attending class and/or leaves the University without processing a formal withdrawal application form shall receive and "F" grade in each course in which the student is registered.

A student may withdraw from the University at any point up to two weeks before the date for the start of final exams. Students should refer to the dates listed on the current academic calendar. Students who withdraw from the University and who do not (re)-enroll for one academic year are not considered to be continuing students, and therefore, must meet the requirements of the current Catalog, including General Education, as well as requirements in the major. Students who have withdrawn from the University and more than one academic year has passed since they re-enrolled, may appeal in writing to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost for a review of circumstances that may warrant consideration of an exception to the application of this rule.

Students should refer to the Financial Information section in the current Catalog to determine the billing and financial impact, if any, of withdrawing from the University.