Center for Real Estate Management and Development

The Center for Real Estate Management and Development affords students a competitive edge by providing marketable skills in the real estate industry. The Center’s motto of Knowledge, Credentials and Experience summarizes the results that are gained from professional courses taught by experienced real estate practitioners; internationally recognized credentials conferred by nationally leaders in the real estate industry, and internships that provide hands-on experience with well-established firms.

Our close affiliation with the Institute of Real Estate Management® of the National Association of Realtors® allows us to bring professional courses and instructors.

The Real Estate Major

Students choosing to major in Real Estate will be provided the educational foundation for a career in real estate brokerage and finance. Core courses and electives include:

Courses Hours
General Education Courses 47
Supporting Courses 10
Professional Courses 44
Required Courses
REM 201 Introduction to Real Estate Management 3
BUS 355 Principles of Real Estate 3
BUS 356 Principles of Real Estate Finance 3
BUS 360 Real Estate Law 3
Electives — Select Four (4)
REM 202 Introduction to Apartment Management 3
REM 203 Professional Management of Affordable and Public Housing 3
REM 204 Introduction to Office Building Management 3
REM 300 NC Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course* 5
REM 301 Accredited Residential Manager Certification 3
BUS 301 Personal Financial Planning 3
BUS 362 Quantitative Methods 3
BUS 450 Strategic Planning 3
BUS 455 Real Estate Seminar 3
*Approval of department chair required.