Department of Criminal Justice

Department of Criminal Justice

Mission Statement

The Department of Criminal Justice at Saint Augustine’s University, through partnerships with agencies within and related to the criminal justice field, creates the fundamental preparation for successful careers and responsible citizenship.  The academic pursuit of excellence for both students and faculty is provided in a learning environment that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Students develop the ability to think creatively and critically as they seek to explain complex phenomena regarding criminality, human behavior, its propensity to crime, and systemic problems in the criminal justice system. A Criminal Justice Major is guided through a career-oriented curriculum that prepares each for a professional career in a criminal justice related arena and advanced education. This combination of training and education is the foundation of the Criminal Justice program. Students completing the degree program in Criminal Justice:

  • Will possess the ability to identify, locate, and use legal, technological and other professional resource materials;
  • Will be able to demonstrate critical thinking and applied research skill by use of the scientific method for inquiry;
  • Will benefit from engaged learning through practical experiences in a criminal justice related agency consistent with their specified career;
  • Will possess the skills necessary to enter into graduate or professional study and/or enter into a criminal justice related job field and;
  • Will become sensitive to the elements of cultural diversity and its role in the criminal justice system

In addition to the Bachelor’s Degree, the Department of Criminal Justice offers minors in the following areas:

  • Homeland Security Minor
  • Criminal Justice Minor

For more information please contact us at the following:

James E. Lyons, II
Department Chairman
Assistant Professor
1315 Oakwood Avenue
Raleigh, North Carolina 27610
(919) 516-4373

Department of Criminal Justice Student Accomplishments (Non-exhaustive list)

Michelle Jackson (2015): Methodist Home for Children, Residential Counselor

Brock Holmes Jr. (2014): The North Carolina Court System, North Carolina Magistrate, District 13. Brock is currently the youngest serving magistrate judge in North Carolina.

Tyriece Parker: (2013): Judicial System of North Carolina State Government, Deputy Clerk of Superior Court; East Carolina University, Graduate School, Department of Criminal Justice.

Monica Brooks (2012): North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Department of Community Corrections, Probation/Parole Officer

Chemere Peterson (2012): Dekalb County Jail, Detention Officer.

Jessica Roper (2012): North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Department of Community Corrections, Probation/Parole Officer.

Curtina Pope (2011): United States Department of Defense, Federal Police Officer (Sergeant).

Fatima Kearney (2011): Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), will be admitted to the academy in 2016.

Angela Wood: (2011): United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Fiana Vinson (2011): Virginia Department of Corrections; Corrections Officer.

Jonathan Glenn (2009): Saint Augustine’s University; Assistant Professor; Nova Southeastern University; Doctoral Student; Department of Criminal Justice; North Carolina Central University, Master of Science, Department of Criminal Justice (2012).

Gabriel Pope (2009): Dekalb County Police Department, Police Officer/Full-time S.W.A.T.

Dorothy Vernoy (2008): Maryland State Police, Forensic Sciences Division, Firearms and Toolmarks Examiner; Drexel University, Master of Science, Forensic Science (2010).