Department of Extended Studies

Department of Extended Studies

The mission of the Department of Extended Studies (formerly called the Gateway Program), housed in the School of Business, Management & Technology, is to offer non-traditional, continuing and alternative academic opportunities to adult learners who are pursuing bachelor’s degrees and/or personal/professional educational goals.

Since 1997, the goal of the Department of Extended Studies is to address the learning needs of adults who prefer an educational delivery system that is flexible, participatory and experientially related to the workplace. The educational programs offered through the department are consistent with our students’ lifelong learning pursuits and include majors in Organizational Management, Religious Studies and Criminal Justice. This unique department offers adults the opportunity to complete bachelor’s degrees in an accelerated format while attending classes in the evenings and on weekends.

Major Objectives
The major objectives of the Department of Extended Studies are to:

  • Prepare students to excel academically
  • Promote strong written and oral communications skills
  • Make appropriate adjustments to each student’s critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Foster self-reliance, self-image growth and leadership skills
  • Improve students’ use of research techniques
  • Promote job marketability and mobility

Why Earn a Bachelor’s Degree through the Department of Extended Studies?

Smaller Teacher to Student Ratio
Increased cohort exchange and individualized educational attention tailored to our students’ needs

Evening and Saturday Classes
Easier to continue educational pursuits while working full-time

Accelerated Class Schedules
Most of the major classes are scheduled in five-week blocks which means students can complete their degree requirements faster

Credible University Degree
St. Augustine’s University is an accredited university that is recognized globally

Transfer Credits
St. Augustine’s University accepts successfully completed courses from other accredited colleges and universities that correspond with the General Education and elective requirements listed on the specific plan of study

Advisors Designated Exclusively for the Department of Extended Studies
Adult learners have a single point of contact for academic counseling

Military Friendly
Encourages veterans and their families to take advantage of their GI Bill benefits