Department of Media & Communications

Department of Media & Communications

The mission of the Department of Media & Communications is to offer a competitive program of study that emphasizes the theory behind and cultural impact of media, as well as provide students with the competencies to be successful in the global and digital field of journalism and mass communications. Accordingly, the goals of the major are consistent with the missions of our School (Liberal Arts and Education), and Saint Augustine’s as a liberal arts university: to foster strong reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. The department offers a rich program that is constantly evolving in order to prepare students to thrive in a rapidly changing media environment. Faculty fosters scholarship, creativity and hands-on experience through varied approaches of teaching and learning. It is our goal that Media and Communications students attain analytical and practical skills in the areas of broadcasting, feature films, journalism, documentaries, corporate communications, and digital media platforms.

Majors in Media & Communications are required to earn at least 48 credits in the department to graduate

Required Courses For All Departmental Majors Except Film.

  • Survey of Mass Communication
  • Copy Editing
  • News Reporting & Writing
  • Digital Journalism & Social Media
  • Fundamentals of Photography & Video
  • Advanced News Reporting
  • Internship

Required Courses for Broadcast Media

  • Writing Radio & TV
  • Voice & On Camera Presentation
  • Broadcast and Film Editing
  • Video Production I
  • Video Production II
  • Broadcast Management

Required Classes for Digital Journalism

  • Feature Writing
  • Media Research Methods
  • Online News Production
  • Publication Concepts
  • And select one
  • Writing for Radio and TV
  • Introduction to Public Relations

Required Classes for Strategic Communications

  • Writing for Radio & TV
  • Voice & On Camera Presentation
  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Publication Concepts
  • Public Relations Problem Solving
  • And select one
  • Video Production I
  • Online Newspaper Production I
  • Online News Production II

Required classes for Film

  • Intro to Film
  • Intro to Screenwriting
  • Intro to Production
  • Visual Aesthetics
  • Film History
  • Film Theory & Criticism
  • Feature Screenwriting I
  • Motion Picture Directing
  • Motion Picture Production Workshop I
  • Motion Picture Production Workshop II
  • Editing
  • Feature Screenwriting II
  • Documentary Production
  • Cinematography
  • Thesis