Dress Code

Dress Code


Saint Augustine’s University requires that all students refrain from wearing inappropriate headgear and clothing in all classrooms, buildings, and public areas on-campus. This policy applies to students off-campus when engaged in activities representing The University (i.e. conferences, athletic competition, study abroad, etc.). Appropriate attire is required at all times on campus.

Inappropriate attire includes the following:

  • Du-rags (outside of residence halls)
  • Hats (inside of all campus buildings including residence halls)
  • Headgear of a non-religious nature (inside of any campus building including residence halls)
  • Sagging pants, shorts, or any clothing that reveals undergarments or large sections of skin through factory or self-made holes (inside and outside of all campus buildings and residence halls)
  • Undershirts or A-Shirts (“wife-beaters” [slang]) of all colors (outside of residence halls)
  • Halter tops, tank tops, or bustiers revealing excessive midriffs and/or cleavage (outside of the residence hall at any time)
  • Pajamas and bedroom attire, including slippers and shower shoes may be worn in the privacy of the residential hall bedrooms or suites only
  • Prohibited attire includes articles of clothing that fit too tightly and/or do not extend beyond the tip of your middle finger when your arms are at your side (Types of clothing include: shorts/skorts, skirts and dresses)
  • *All dress code policies apply to male and female students without exception. Students should always be dressed prepared for that perfect “opportunity” to impress
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Thank you for your adherence to this policy.