faculty senate

Faculty Senate

The mission of the Faculty Senate is to exercise its legislative powers to make recommendations to the president and administrative officials on matters affecting the general welfare of Saint Augustine’s University and its educational, research, and service activities. The Faculty Senate shall strive to enhance accountability for academic integrity, excellence, and the overall quality of academic structure at Saint Augustine’s University.

The faculty represents the core of Saint Augustine’s University as academic institution. The faculty as a body will play a strong leadership role and advise the president, the provost and the Board of Trustees on academic matters including, without limitation, on matters regarding how the Saint Augustine’s University faculty organizes and governs itself, and in matters affecting shared governance. Recognized as an advisory and consultative body to the provost, president, and the Board of Trustees, the Faculty Senate and its Executive Committee collaborate closely with the provost and president towards achieving transparency and excellence in pursuing the academic and research enterprise of the University. The Faculty Senate is the guardian of the principles of academic freedom and recommends mechanisms to foster and sustain academic freedom. As such, the Faculty Senate may inquire into matters having implications for the academic function and welfare of the University.