Saint Augustine’s University and its Board of Trustees will have efficient and cost-effective access to the high-quality professional legal advice, counseling, and representation they need to achieve their missions.


The mission of the General Counsel’s Office is to provide the highest quality legal advice, counsel, and representation* to our clients, Saint Augustine’s University, its Board of Trustees, officers and employees (acting within the scope of their official responsibilities) so they can: (a) carry out their missions, (b) prudently manage the related risks and opportunities, (c) resolve legal conflicts, and (d) meet their legal and ethical responsibilities. The General Counsel’s Office will deliver legal services efficiently, with minimum disruption to our clients, and in the best interests (legal and non-legal) of Saint Augustine’s University.

*Legal advice, counsel, and representation include the following services:

  • Defending, asserting, managing, and resolving legal claims/conflicts
  • Reviewing, negotiating and approving contracts, leases, and other legal transactions
  • Engaging, overseeing, and managing external legal counsel
  • Preventative efforts:
    • Training
    • Counseling Trustees and Administrators
    • Supporting Risk Managers
    • Advising on the ethical/moral aspects of administrative/ legal matters

Values Ethics:

  • Keeping commitments
  • Humility
  • “Doing the right thing”
  • Respect our clients



  • Highest Quality
  • Knowledgeable (broad and current)
  • Common Sense and Practical
  • Preventative/Proactive
  • Respectful
  • Independent
  • Counseling
  • Cooperative 

Client Satisfaction:

  • Timeliness
  • Accessible
  • Approachable
  • Listen well
  • Respect Roles


Quality of Personal/Professional Life:

  • Enjoyable: People, Place, Equipment, Stress levels
  • Fulfilling
  • Commitment to Institutional Missions
  • Challenging
  • Fresh
  • Interesting
  • Approach Life with a sense of Curiosity, Wonder, and Humor

Damian McCullers, Esquire 

University General Counsel

If you have any questions, please contact the office at