General College

General College

The General College’s mission is to provide an environment in which diverse learners can achieve academically, socially and spiritually to become 21st century leaders. The goal of the college is to (1) engage students, faculty and staff in teaching, learning and scholarship through interdisciplinary collaborations, (2) link curricular and co-curricular programs to the University Core Competencies of the general education program (TEP), (3) increase global learning in academic and social experiences, (4) attract and retain academically high performing students to the University, and (5) provide a holist academic program (TTAL-Three Tier Approach to Learning) that improves the matriculation, retention and graduation of scholars that make positive contributions to their local, regional, national or international community.

The General College comprises the following programs and services:

Service Departments

History Program
International Studies
Philosophy Program

Sevealyn V. Smith, D.M.A.
Executive Director/ Special Assistant to the Provost
Office of General College
Seby Jones Fine Arts Center Room 124
Saint Augustine’s University
1315 Oakwood Avenue
Raleigh, North Carolina 27610
Phone: (919) 516-4160 Fax: (919) 516-4464