School of Applied Health and Medical Sciences

Our Mission

The mission of Saint Augustine's University's School of Applied Health and Medical Sciences is to prepare competent, compassionate and culturally-sensitive healthcare professionals with the ability to provide their knowledge and expertise in enhancing the health, fitness and wellness of the public. The programs in this School promote critical thinking and active participation in the learning process and service to the community while adhering to ethical standards expected from each profession. The School also provides an exceptional, culturally-sensitive educational experience to students with academic potential. A particular emphasis is placed on the provision of educational opportunities to promising and ethnically-diverse students. Saint Augustine's University's School of Applied Health and Medical Sciences takes pride in selecting highly-qualified and competent faculty who through their teaching, service and research are committed to training the future highly-qualified, culturally-competent health care professionals who will play an important part in reducing the existing health disparities by the delivery of quality health care in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Darnell J. Bethel, associate professor and former department chair of the Department of Human Performance and Wellness, serves as interim dean for the School of Applied Health and Medical Sciences. Public Health Science has become one of the fastest growing programs. The Department of Physical Education, Exercise Science and Athletic Training is one of the largest traditional departments behind criminal justice and business administration

Dr. Darnell J. Bethel
School of Applied Health and Medical Science
Gordon Health Center 026

Educational Philosophy

The school's educational philosophy is to promote excellence in education by installing attributes of competence, ethics, intellectual leadership and professionalism to meet the demands of current healthcare system, community responsiveness and professional growth.

Program Goals

  • To recruit and educate qualified and motivated and ethnically diverse students to serve as competent, compassionate and effective healthcare providers of the future
  • To produce quality health professionals who are competent and culturally-sensitive practitioners, critical thinkers, problem solvers, active lifelong learners and effective communicators
  • To recruit, retain and advance a team of faculty members who are competent in the medical and health sciences, research and clinical practices deemed essential for the training and education of the students in this school and its programs
  • To maximize the level of community service provided by the faculty, students, and staff that promotes and addresses health disparities in communities and issues related to the promotion of health and wellness at local, national, and international levels