Communicable Diseases

HIV Aids/Awareness and Communicable Diseases

HIV/AIDS Awareness Policy

The first response of Universitys and universities to the epidemic of HIV infection must be education. Saint Augustine’s University, therefore, is committed to educating its students, faculty and staff about AIDS and HIV infection. The primary purposes are to (1) prevent the spread of the infection by supporting positive behaviors that reduce the risk of infection; and (2) provide support for those who are infected with HIV. These educational goals should emphasize the distinction between the real risks of HIV transmission and unnecessary concerns based on false assumptions regarding HIV infection.

Students or employees of the University who may become infected with the AIDS virus will not be excluded from enrollment or employment, or restricted in their access to University services or facilities, unless medically-based judgment in individual cases establishes that exclusion or restriction is necessary for the welfare of the individual or other members of the University community. Individual with the AIDS virus will be expected to maintain appropriate health practices in relationship to other members of the Saint Augustine’s community.

The medical, scientific, and legal understanding of AIDS and HIV infection is still evolving. In order to respond to the challenges of HIV infection with sensitivity, flexibility, and the best and most current medical, scientific, and legal information available, it is the policy of Saint Augustine’s University to review, evaluate, and respond on an individual case-by-case basis to any known instances of HIV infection among the members of the University community. Such individual review, evaluation, and response shall, at a minimum, take into consideration applicable federal and state laws; the recommendations of the U.S. Public Health Service, the Centers for Disease Control, and the American University Health Association; other relevant medical, scientific, and legal literature; the expressed desires and opinions of the individual with HIV infection and of such individual’s personal physician; and the University’s commitment to the protection, to the extent possible, of both the public health and individual rights.

Other Communicable Diseases

The University reserves the right to request that a student with a highly communicable disease leave the campus immediately and remain away until he/she is medically deemed no longer contagious. The University