Internet and Email Usage Policy

Internet and Email Usage Policy

World Wide Web Policy

Access to the World Wide Web on Saint Augustine’s University computing systems is a privilege provided to members of the Saint Augustine’s University community. Because the World Wide Web is a worldwide public electronic highway, Saint Augustine’s University users must conduct their activities in a courteous and professional manner. Appropriate use policies for Saint Augustine’s University computer accounts also apply to all Internet access.

Internet Access to the World Wide Web may not be put to inappropriate uses that include, but are not limited to:

1. Use of copyrighted materials in any form without the express written permission of the original copyright owner, also known as plagiarism.

2. Use of loud or obscene audio or video images (i.e., photographs, paintings, or derivatives thereof), videos, or movies of individuals

3. Use of any personal information that is not public record pertaining to other individuals without their express written consent.

4. Use of any images, data, vulgar websites that are abusive, obscene, harassing, threatening, or discriminatory.

5. Use of any images or data that violate Saint Augustine’s University policies (e.g., Sexual Harassment Policy) or local, state, or Federal laws.

6. Creation of direct hypertext links to abusive, obscene, harassing, threatening, or discriminatory material.

7. Use of materials whose nature or volume compromises the ability of the system to serve other users’ documents and individual home pages.

8. Any use which constitutes academic dishonesty.

Use of Electronic Mail

1. Email should be professional and courteous.

2. Email must not contain any illegal, libelous or offensive statements.

3. All statements meant to harass - sexually or otherwise - are prohibited.

4. Email is for business purposes, not for personal use.

5. All email is University property.

6. The University reserves the right to access emails sent to or from every computer.

7. The University reserves the right to retrieve email stored on its servers that users have deleted from their email programs.

8. Employees who violate the email policy will be subject to disciplinary measures up to and including termination.

Policy Violations

Individuals who become aware of inappropriate, unethical, or illegal use of Saint Augustine’s University computing resources, inappropriate content of an individual home page, or any inappropriate electronic communication should notify the Center for Information Technology at 919-516-4379919-516-4379. During the investigation of an alleged policy violation, a user’s computing and network access may be suspended. Saint Augustine’s University reserves the right to examine a user’s recorded and stored information in the course of investigating an alleged policy violation. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, suspension of Internet access, suspension of email privileges, suspension of computing privileges, suspension or expulsion from the University, suspension or termination of employment, fines, and legal action.

Changes in Policy

These policy directives are subject to change over time. As a user of the University computing resources, you will be notified by e-mail or public flyer of any changes in the policy that directly relate to you as an end-user.