School of Liberal Arts & Education

School of Liberal Arts & Education

Welcome to the School of Liberal Arts and Education (LAE). Continuing the tradition of liberal arts curricula as established by the SAU founders in 1867, LAE houses three academic departments – Humanities, Media & Communications and Education.

The Departments of Humanities and Media & Communications foster student inquiry and learning through various avenues, including research, artistic expression, internships and multimodal instruction. Such an interdisciplinary approach promotes the creation and exchange of knowledge about humanity and the human experience.

Because SAU was founded with a purpose of teaching freedmen, our Department of Education continues that practice by preparing effective teachers for future generations of learners. Our future teachers explore educational pedagogy as well as educational policies and reform before they even enter the classroom as student teachers.

Between the humanities, media, communications and education, students who graduate from the School of Liberal Arts and Education move beyond academia into the world as thinking and productive citizens.

List of Majors

Department of Humanities

  • English
  • Art
  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Religion

Department of Media & Communications

  • Digital Journalism
  • Strategic Communications
  • Broadcast Media
  • Film

Department of Education

  • Elementary Education
  • Health and Physical Education

Dean Contact Information
Dr. Wanda B. Coneal
Boyer Building, Room 200F
Telephone: 919-516-4116

Administrative Assistant Contact Information

Boyer Building, Room 200
Telephone: 919-516-4338