Media and Computer Lab Usage

Media and Computer Lab Usage

Food, Drinks, and Cell Phones

Food, drinks, and cell phones are prohibited in the computer labs. There are no exceptions. This policy protects the equipment from spills that could disable machines.


At various times, updated instructions for the system and notices concerning the operation of the system will be posted on the bulletin board outside the lab. Additional flyers may be posted on the entrances to the lab of changes in schedule of opening and closing. These notices usually occur during the semester and before finals.


Printers are located in every lab. Currently students are not being charged to print.

Problems and Help

The Center for Information Technology is responsible for ensuring access to the campus’ computing and telecommunication resources. Information regarding the services offered in addition to online tutorials, events and online support ticket requests can be found on the University website at edu/FacultyStaff/technology/technology.htm. Support ticket requests can be completed in any of the computer labs by clicking the “Support Ticket” icon on the desktop.

All students must have a valid User ID and password to access the Saint Augustine’s University network, the CAMS Student Portal, wireless access areas, emergency alert system and computing resources found in various computer labs across campus. User ID requests, Password Resets and support ticket requests can be submitted by using the Kiosk found on the first floor of the Benson Building. There is a twenty-four (24) hour turn around time to process the signed request. It should be noted that sharing logon information with other students or nonstudents for the purpose of access is a policy violation. (See Policy Violations)