Parental Notification (FERPA)

Parental Notification (FERPA)

Parental Notification

Saint Augustine’s University recognizes that students, parents/guardians, and the University are in a partnership where each has the responsibility to promote a healthy and productive educational experience. The University disciplinary process exists to provide corrective action which is educational and developmental, to protect the campus community and to maintain an environment conducive to living and learning. Violations of the Student Code of Conduct can detract from the learning environment. The University believes parents can assist students in fulfilling their educational goals through the use of open dialogue. Due to recent amendments to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) by the U.S. Department of Education, it is now permissible for the University to notify the parent or guardian of students under the age of 21 when those students have been found responsible for violations to the Student Code of Conduct.

Saint Augustine’s University maintains and strictly enforces a policy of zero tolerance with regards to fighting, the use and possession of illicit drugs, and the possession of dangerous weapons, firearms, and explosives. If a student is found guilty of initiating a fight, drug possession, use, or distribution (trafficking), or using any object with the intent to cause harm, the minimum sanction may be suspension from the University for one (1) academic semester.

In the event that a student under the age of 21 has been charged with a Code violation in which the sanction of suspension from the University is required, the parent or guardian of that student may be notified by phone or in writing by the Judicial Administrator before the judicial hearing. The University may notify the parent or guardian of students, under the age of 21, who have been found

in violation of the Student Code of Conduct where the violation has involved the use of alcohol or illegal substances. The parent or guardian may also be contacted in any instance in which the health or safety of the student has been threatened either through the student’s own acts or the acts of others. Before notifying the parents or guardians, every effort will be made to consult with the student in an attempt to have the student make the first contact. This is consistent with the general philosophy that supports students developing independence and personal accountability. However, in some situations, consultation with the student or first contact by the student may not be possible or appropriate, and in such cases the University is not required to alert the student when it has notified his/her parent or legal guardian. In other situations, after consulting with the student, the judicial administrator may determine that notifying the parents/guardians may be harmful to the student and in such cases the University is not obligated to make notification.

If a student under the age of 21 is found to be responsible for a violation to the Student Code of Conduct resulting in suspension from the University, the resultant sanction will include notification of the parent/guardian.