Patrick Webb, Ph.D.

  • Associate ProfessorDepartment of Criminal Justice

Contact Info:

  • 919.516.4186
  • Boyer Building Room 103B

Educational Background

B.S. – Criminal Justice (Minor Sociology)
Lamar University

M.A. – Sociology
Prairie View A&M

Ph.D. – Juvenile Justice
Prairie View A&M

Area(s) of Research

  • Race relations
  • Social Conflict Theory
  • Fear of Crime
  • Influence of Media
  • Juvenile Policy
  • DMC
  • Criminal Justice Policy
  • Delinquency Prevention
  • Restorative Justice

Online Article(s)

Webb, P., Frame, K. & Marshall, P. (2018) Correlates of campus crime: An exploration of minority assessments. Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice (In Press)

Webb, P. (2018) How to Reduce Harmful Police Contacts with Youth. Scholars Strategy Network

Webb, P. & Sulzer, L. (2018). Stigma and Status; Stigma and status at an HBCU: Perceptions of racial authenticity among racially underrepresented students in the South. Journal of Black Studies 

Webb, P. (2017). A potential case of linguistic prejudice: The expression of identity in “black and white”. Journal of Urban Review 

SAU Campus Organizations

  • IRB Committee Member
  • Academic Policies Committee
  • General Education Committee

Awards & Honors

Faculty Scholarship Honraria Recipient

Excellence and Kindle Reader Award Finalist

Texas A&M University Symposius

Faculty of the Year Nominee (Lamar University)

Favorite Quote

An empty mind is synonymous with an empty house. Through wisdom is a house built; and by understanding it is established -Proverbs