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Saint Augustine’s Chapel

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Why the Red Door

"In the earlier days of the church it was understood that a soldier could not pursue an enemy that had entered through the red doors of a church. The red doors were a symbol of refuge and sanctuary for all people who entered. To all concerned the red on the doors signified the blood of Christ that had been shed so that all who came to him could be saved. Anyone who passed through those doors was safe as long as they stayed behind them. Over time, Christian people began to see the red doors of the church as symbolizing not only physical refuge and safety, but spiritual refuge as well.

The blood of Jesus, and of the Church's martyrs, that the red doors of the church symbolized, would protect you from evil, both physical and spiritual. The red doors spoke to the world of holy ground that existed inside those doors, space that had been purged and made clean by God's Holy Spirit. Today people choose to paint their church doors red for many of the same reasons that churches did centuries ago."

(This information was gathered from the webpage of The Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan Sauk Centre, Minnesota)


In the spirit of the church tradition of painting our doors red, Saint Augustine’s Chapel strives to be a welcoming and safe place for our students and the community. Services of Holy Eucharist are held on Sundays during the academic year, where we hear the Word of God and partake of the sacraments. We invite you to visit our chapel during worship times and open yourself to the possibilities of a spiritual journey anchored in a relationship with Jesus Christ and nourished by Christian community. We have a relaxed service infused with the participation of students with a diversity of talents ranging from our Divine Dance Worship to our University Choir.

Please click here for a schedule of services, guest homilists, and dates when our University Choir or Divine Dance Ministry will lead worship. As an Episcopal Chapel, we recognize that students bring the gifts of a diversity of beliefs, experiences and talents, and we treasure this diversity. We strive to be an inclusive and welcoming community, embracing a diversity of cultures and united through the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. The university chapel program and religious life at Saint Augustine’s University is a place to study, pray, and worship together, deepening our faith so that we may be transforming agents sent forth to serve God in the world.