Textbook Order Procedure for Students

Note: Students taking courses in the School of Business, Management and Technology using Cengage textbooks should consult their instructor before ordering books.

1. Once a student registers for classes, they can then log in to the MBS site, per the following link: http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/st-aug.htm

2. After they have logged in, the student can then select their choice of books. Options include: New, Used, Digital (e-book) or Rental.


a. If a digital textbook is chosen, students must take special note and verify with their professor that this is an acceptable choice. A student must pay particular attention as digital (e-books) are NOT refundable.

b. Upon confirmation that a digital textbook (e-book) is acceptable with the professor, the student must ensure they possess a compatible device (personal computer/MAC, tablet or smartphone) capable of accessing and reading the digital (e-book) on demand. Students are advised to test their device capability prior to this type of textbook selection.

3. Within seventy-two (72) hours of book selection, MBS will ship book order(s) to Saint Augustine’s University, which is the default location.

4. If a different location is desired or if purchasing an e-book, please select a different location for shipping.

5. When books have arrived, the campus store personnel will send a message to the student’s Saint Augustine’s University email address.

6. Once the student receives the email indicating book arrival, proceed to the campus store to retrieve books. Each student must show their SAU Student ID to retrieve books.

7. To return a book for any reason, it must remain in the original wrapping.

Note 1: Removing the textbook wrapping changes the classification from “new” to “used”. This immediately changes the book resale value.

Note 2: The student will have the responsibility of paying all shipping and handling fees.

Note 3: Two very time-sensitive options exist (based on which occurs later):

  • Option 1: Twenty-one (21) days from placement of the original order
  • Option 2: Two (2) weeks after the 1st day of class. If books have not been returned within these timeframes, the books become the property of the student and no refund will be available.

8. If at any point during the process the student has questions, they should contact:

a. For Books – Professor

b. For Business Office Approval (BOA) – Business/Finance Office – 919.516.4574

c. Course Schedule – Academic Advisor