Who are the people in all of the portraits in the Saint Augustine’s Chapel?

Who are the people in all of the portraits in the Saint Augustine’s Chapel?

Bishop Henry B. Delany
Bishop Bravid W. Harris
Bishop John M. Burgess
Bishop Quintin E. Primo, Jr.
Bishop Henry Irving Mayson

Other famous people mentioned in Saint Augustine’s Chapel
The Rev. George Christopher Cooper
The Rev. George Christopher Cooper was a faculty member and deacon at Saint Augustine’s University.The memorial window in his honor was dedicated by his wife, Anna Julia Cooper

The Rev. Charles Avery
The Rev. Charles Avery was a Methodist minister and one of the initial benefactors of Saint Augustine’s Normal School.The memorial window on the west side of the chapel is named in his honor.The Rev. Avery died in 1854 and left his estate to be used for the education of slaves.In 1867, the Rev. Dr. J. Brinton Smith worked with Attorneys King and Howe in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to negotiate a donation of $25,000 to Saint Augustine’s Normal School.

The Rev. Dr. J. Brinton Smith
The Rev. J. Brinton Smith, D.D. was an incorporator of Saint Augustine’s University and a memorial window in his honor is on the north side of the chapel.He also served as the first principal of Saint Augustine’s Normal School when it was founded in 1867.

John C. Hunter
John C. Hunter and Sarah A. Clark Hunter were the parents of the Rev. Aaron Burtis Hunter D.D., priest and later the principal for Saint Augustine’s Normal School and Collegiate Institute.A window in John C. Hunter’s memory is above the east facing altar in the Saint Augustine’s Chapel.

The Rev. Dr. Aaron Burtis Hunter, D.D.
The flower stand to the right of the altar is dedicated to the Rev. Aaron Burtis Hunter, the fourth principal of Saint Augustine’s School in 1891.As an instructor of theology, he was dedicated to the scholarly development of his students in the field stating, “religion is for the training of . . . body, intellect, heart, and will, not just the expression of . . . emotion. His wife, Mrs. Sarah Lothrop Taylor Hunter was the founder and head of Saint Agnes Hospital and Training School for Nurses. The Benson Library was also started under his administration with a gift from Mary Benson, and Charles Boyer came to Saint Augustine’s College from Yale as a faculty member.He later became the first dean of the college in 1928.