12 Oct 2021

Dr. Patrick Webb Has Manuscript Published by Social Science Research Network

Dr. Patrick Webb, Professor of Criminal Justice

As of October 12, 2021, Dr. Patrick Webb, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, received notification from the Social Science Research Network that his recently submitted manuscript, entitled “Stigmatization and Stops: Power Threat Theory and Traffic Stop Statistics in North Carolina”, was published on October 3, 2021.

Identified below is the article abstract:

The power threat theory (PTT) in criminal justice, as well as traffic stop studies, has been well documented; especially in within Black populations. Through the use of reported traffic stop data between 2010-2019, the purpose of this study is to determine 1) the extent to which racial disparities exist as a result of traffic stop decisions and 2) whether traffic stops decisions are consistent with the power threat thesis. Results reveal that Blacks, compared to other racial categories, are significantly more likely to experience traffic stops, thus supporting PTT. Areas of further research, limitations, and policy implications are identified.



Patrick Webb, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Saint Augustine’s University.

Co-authors of the publication include:

John Rodriguez, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at University of Texas at Arlington.

Arthur Vasquez, M.A., Doctoral Student at University of Texas at Arlington.

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