16 Apr 2019

Professor Rosalynde M. Fenner Conducted Workshop at the Region 3 NOBLE Training Conference in Orlando, FL.

ORLANDO, F.L. (April 13) – Over the weekend, Professor Rosalynde M. Fenner, Assistant Professor of the Department of Criminal Justice attended and conducted a workshop at the Region 3 NOBLE Training Conference in Orlando, Florida.

A little bit about the workshop:

The Relationship Approach to Leadership: This two-hour workshop focuses on the interactions that occur between supervisors and subordinates and provides insight into the dynamics of the relationship between them. The leadership process is a two-way street. It is more than a top-down approach; it’s a “partnership.” We will examine some case studies and explore the dynamics of building relationships between supervisors and subordinates from a theoretical perspective.

Presenter: Professor Rosalynde M. Fenner, Saint Augustine’s University; Supervisory Special Agent, Retired, Drug Enforcement Administration