The mission for the School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Allied Health is to prepare all science, mathematics, and public health majors to become knowledgeable agents of change as well as capable, creative and responsible citizens of independence and integrity. Furthermore, the School seeks to provide an atmosphere in which each science, engineering, public health science, exercise science, and mathematics major can develop his/her intellectual capacity to a maximum by sharing in learning experiences, which result in the acquisition of scientific knowledge, techniques and skills. 



Applied mathematics, computer science/engineering and other engineering fields that require a strong background in mathematics.

Biological & Physical Science

Become better informed about biological occurrences and life processes, as well as apply information and knowledge gained toward an improved understanding of man, society, and the universe.

Public Health & Exercise Science

Cultivate an atmosphere of physical activity, wellness, care and prevention of diseases and injuries, while disseminating knowledge of healthy lifestyles.