Currently there is no single source that provides all funding opportunities; however, there are several external websites and database that may assist by providing a more comprehensive search for grant funding.


Stay current on federal funding announcements through these resources:

  1. gov: Reflects all federal grant programs.
  2. NSF: Email subscription to NSF announcements (customizable)
  3. NSF Advanced Funding search
  4. Broadening Participation at NSF is a performance area focused on expanding efforts to increase participation from underrepresented groups and diverse institutions. Learn about current, previous & continuing funding opportunities in Broadening Participation Portfolio
  5. United State Department of Defense
  6. United State Department of Education
  7. United State Department of Health & Service
  8. American Reinvestment and Recovery Act


  1. Open Science Framework is a free, open platform to support your research and enable collaboration. Discover projects, data, materials, and collaborators on OSF that might be helpful to your own research, including previously used research measurements.
  2. Match Your Research Abstract to NIH Study Sections: You can use the NIH RePORTER tool to:
    1. find previously-funded grants that have similarities to your proposed research, and
    2. to identify the study sections that handled those grants.
    3. Just copy and paste an abstract of your proposed research effort into the Text Search box (up to 2,500 characters), to get a list of all projects related to your idea.
  3. If you follow a specific agency, check their website to see if they have alerting features.