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The patron Saint of Saint Augustine’s University is Augustine of Hippo.  Saint Augustine was born on November 13, 354 CE in Thagaste, Numidia, a province in North Africa which is present day Algeria.  Saint Augustine is one of the most famous and influential theologians and writers of Western Christianity. He was a strong supporter of the poor and a defender of orthodox Christianity.  To learn more about Augustine of Hippo, click HERE.


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Carlton Butts selected CDFL Preseason All-America Honorable Mention

Linebacker Carlton Butts (Sr./Thomasville, GA) of Saint Augustine’s University was named a Preseason All-America Honorable Mention by the

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Coach Williams of Saint Augustine's University To Be Inducted Into Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame

Athletic Director and legendary Head Track & Field Coach George Williams of Saint Augustine’s University will be inducted into the

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Saint Augustine’s University was awarded a four-year grant for $800,000 from the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Dr. Mark A. Melton, dean of the School of Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering, will serve as the principal investigator. Dr. Doreen