The mission of the School of Business and Technology is to prepare students to compete in the global world of work through effective instruction, technology application, relevant curricula, and professional development. The School consists of the Departments of Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Extended Studies, and Sport Management.


  • Help each student attain his/her career goals
  • Enable and encourage each student to become an effective leader
  • Provide a foundation for graduate and professional studies
  • Promote professional development through the use of library resources, computer technology, and experiential learning
  • Promote the ethical and moral development of each student
  • Help each student develop the ability to recognize, analyze, and solve problems


Each Student:

  • will be assigned to an advisor in his/her major
  • will be provided with an appropriate Plan of Study
  • will be expected to meet with his/her advisor at least once each semester for the purposes of pre-registration and determination of his or her academic progress and standing
  • will be responsible for satisfying applicable prerequisites for courses
  • will be responsible for monitoring compliance with his/her Plan of Study and meeting all academic requirements
  • must complete successfully 90 semester credit hours before applying for graduation




Business Administration


Computer Information Systems


Sport Management