If you want to change the world, you need to understand how it works

The major in Sociology provides students with an understanding of the forces and principles that govern social life and individual human interaction. Within this major, students learn elements of sociological theory and how to conduct basic social research. The Sociology major is a good foundation for a variety of careers and for graduate study in the fields of Sociology, Social Work, and Law. 


Being a Sociology student at Saint Augustine’s University 

Sociology students at Saint Augustine’s University are a tight-knit group, as Professor Njai likes to call us — a tribe. The Sociology Club works to keep sociology students together as they work on community service and beautification projects around campus. 


Bachelors of Art


A degree in sociology opens doors to a variety of employment opportunities. Government and community organizations are always interested in individuals with the ability to understand and even conduct social research as well as an understanding of the social forces that affect our world. Other opportunities include survey writing, community development, social work, data collection, marketing, and graduate school.